chemanex plc

Chemanex a member of CIC Group of Companies,has been engaged in trading,imported and locally produced chemicals and industrial intermediates with foreign collaboration and Overseas technology. The Group has successfully ventured into the manufacturing of intermediates for work-wear and manufacturing of specialty chemicals for global markets. The Group currently exports to over 25 countries with leading multinational being among our highly satisfied customers.
Quality of the product and prompt services which are embedded in our supply package has paved the way to the group to achieve "The Most Preferred Supplier" status among the well known multinationals that are dealing with us continuously, in our line of business.



To be a globally recognized and responsible corporate leader in manufacturing and exporting value-added speciality compounds and intermediates.


Daring to Envision and Innovate

We believes that expanding our brand portfolio through innovation and introduction of new products driven by innovative marketing and sales strategies is the pathway to the future.

Commitment towards Excellence

We strive to offer the best quality products to our domestic and international clientele and maintain a reputation as one of the best-in-class manufacturers and exporters of value-added chemicals and other related products.

One Family Unbroken

We function as a family, tied together by close bonds. We work as a team and face challenges and ride waves of success, collectively. This remains our strongest corporate trait.

A Deep-Rooted Culture of Professional Ethics

We believe in a unbreakable code of ethics and values, driven by good corporate governance and fair trade practices. This forms our corporate culture which is intertwined with the way we conduct our day-to-day business.

Pioneering Global Leadership

We aim to be a leaders in global trade and join hands with giants in the international market to propel our enterprise to greater heights. Exports remain our focal point and through our internationally acclaimed products and corporate reputation, we endeavor to pioneer global leadership.

Sustainability as Strength

We believe in a deep-seated commitment to the environment, the society, the nation and the world at large. Thus, we work hard to sustain the elements around us and nurture a reciprocal relationship of trust and benefit. We utilize resources – be it natural or human – with great care, and this remains a key strength in our multifaceted approach to corporate stewardship.