Corporate Social Responsibility

the intellectual resources necessary to propel the English language education of the students. In terms of the material resources the company will sponsor the development of improved class room spaces for English and IT.

Plans are also underway to organise an ‘English Day’ towards the end of the current academic year in order for the students to display their knowledge in a nurturing and cohesive environment, and in order for the Company to assess the further requirements of the project.

Consequent to our attempts in enhancing English education in Sangabodhi Vidyalaya it is our pleasure to mention that some of the school programmes and events are currently being conducted in English medium. We also plan to introduce the

English Day as an annual event in the school calendar.

Our pre-school development project Our CSR mission can be seen taking shape in a number of under-developed pre-schools in Passara, a school in a remote part of Mahiyangana. This pre-schools development project was maintained throughout this year as well while assistance was granted for a number of pre-schools established and managed by St. Jude’s Church in Passara. We plan to extend this programme in the future, to schools and universities in the North.

Assistance for higher education of students and staff members of the Group The Chemanex Education Trust Fund established under the patronage of Chemanex PLC, continued its support

towards the students and staff in the spheres of secondary and higher education. This year, we supported two undergraduates and several secondary school students, while continuing commercial training for undergraduates from various local universities.

We have also teamed-up with the UN Global Compact to fulfill the Millennium Development Goals and remain dedicated in buttressing our vision of universal education, poverty alleviation, anti-corruption and transparency, labour rights and collective rights in the workplace and environmental protection through sustainable options and energy conservation. The Company recently consulted with a pioneering carbon consultancy firm to map its carbon footprint and become a strategic partner in carbon monitoring. In keeping with Sri Lanka’s Environment Ministries endeavors to protect the environment and creating a green friendly community, Chemanex remains committed in ensuring that the UN’s goals relating to environmental preservation are adhered to as a part of our corporate vision while in keeping with our philosophy of social responsibility.

The Company is also a keen contributor to the Martin Wickremesinghe Trust Fund, the Colombo Centre for Special Education and the Sri Lanka Council for the Blind. A number of projects were also undertaken pertaining to education within the plantation community. These projects covered training programmes, seminars and social events gaining the active support of the Company as well.