Corporate Social Responsibility

The Group also made a considerable donation to the self employment project at the ‘Colombo Friend In Need’ society. The focus group was amputees using Jaipur legs, while the project’s design is to assist amputees increase their monthly income. Recipients of the program were then invited to a workshop which helped them identify a self employment project. The workshop also provided training and guidance in the logistics of running a business by providing training in budgeting, marketing, and maintenance of accounts.

Recognising Our Contribution to the Society In keeping with the global trend of greater transparency and accountability in reporting, we have adopted the integrated reporting style. Thus we hope to benefit our stakeholders by the clear and concise

reporting of the short term and long term projections of the company.

The Board Sub Committee has been appointed to monitor the Sustainability Development activities of the group, headed by Prof. U. P. Liyanage. Managing Director.

The Risk Management Committee was formed in year 2011 as a Board sub-committee to assess the Risk Management aspects of the Group and is headed by Mr. M. D. Wickramasinghe.

We are fully-compliant with all standards, laws and regulations laid down by the Employers’ Federation of Ceylon and uphold human rights and environmental protection as being fundamentals in business sustainability.