Estate chemicals


The product used as a bleaching agent to bleach carotene pigments in rubber latex to manufacture crape rubber

Sodium sulphate

Used as a anticoagulant in transportation tubber latex

Sodium Bi Sulphite

Act as a prevent enzynetic discoloration in crape rubber and helps to separate non rubber partical during manufacturing of crape rubber

Formic Acid

Act as a coagulant in latex rubber industry.

Liquid Ammonia

Act as a anticoagulant 23-25% in latex rubber industry

Oxalic Acid

Act as coagulant used crape rubber industry and prevent heavy metal discoloration of crape rubber

Calcium Hypochlorite-70% (Bleaching Powder 70%)

Used in drinking water, swimming pool, Textile washing plants, prawn farming as a disinfectant